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Git along, little doggies.

Yippee Ti Yi Yo Git along little doggies   The old cowpoke tune played through my mind as I plodded for home after a late winter hike with the mutts. In town, winter has receded into the hills, but here … Continue reading

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Nothing rhymes with orange.

Hunting season opened this weekend. My view on hunting, like my opinion of organized religion, has changed mightily over the years.   It’s not that I’m a strict vegetarian who shuns the consumption of meat.  Or that I think hunting is … Continue reading

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And then there were two.

My old yellow lab turned 15 over the summer, and died a few weeks later.  We’re now a 2-dog family, and the household has a different rhythm.  It’s much more calm and quiet.  Bessie didn’t go about the business of … Continue reading

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Dances with skunks.

Yesterday evening was a July jewel.  After dinner, we stepped outside to set sprinklers – our Buddha bellies stretched tight with tasty vittles.   We sauntered about, strategically placing sprinklers and hoses.  Overnight watering of our thirsty property is a constant … Continue reading

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A Two Dog Bar

We stepped out of the mid-day sunshine and into the small town tavern.  The place smelled like a stale keg, reminiscent of many fine college parties.  Having adjusted to the bar’s cavern lighting, we stooped to pet the two dogs … Continue reading

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