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Git along, little doggies.

Yippee Ti Yi Yo Git along little doggies   The old cowpoke tune played through my mind as I plodded for home after a late winter hike with the mutts. In town, winter has receded into the hills, but here … Continue reading

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Prepare ye the way.

This time of year, the road that rumbles past my rural Montana home is a one way ramble to nowhere. With over two feet of snow blanketing the ground, travel is restricted by the whim of our county plow operator. … Continue reading

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Men are bathroom barbarians and there is not a female on Earth who would dispute this fact. Victims of their anatomies, they dribble and splash and produce sounds so mystifying that women on the opposite side of the door often … Continue reading

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Naughty, not nice.

Over the weekend, we hauled out the holiday box from the storage area beneath the staircase.  I rifled through our collection of aged and tacky trinkets that, when properly placed, give our home a shabby yet festive flair.  I am … Continue reading

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We got cake.

We celebrate birthdays at work each month.  The big wigs query the birthday celebrants, and then purchase whatever treat is requested.  Everyone then gathers around the conference table trough and enjoys the bounty. A normal person wouldn’t be thrown into … Continue reading

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