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The Wild in their Eyes

Handsome landscapes spill in every direction.  Sage and juniper burgeon among boulders.  Rivers rollick and then meander.  Dirt roads dust the view.  Jackleg fences enclose nothing but empty.  Plateaus grip tightly to disappearing snow fields.   And in a high elevation … Continue reading

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Mud Season

The mud is thick outside, ankle-deep on the Forest Service road that climbs into the hills alongside my property.  The county road fronting my home is also a mess, seemingly more liquid than solid.  And the nearby creeks, filled with … Continue reading

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Git along, little doggies.

Yippee Ti Yi Yo Git along little doggies   The old cowpoke tune played through my mind as I plodded for home after a late winter hike with the mutts. In town, winter has receded into the hills, but here … Continue reading

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Prepare ye the way.

This time of year, the road that rumbles past my rural Montana home is a one way ramble to nowhere. With over two feet of snow blanketing the ground, travel is restricted by the whim of our county plow operator. … Continue reading

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Men are bathroom barbarians and there is not a female on Earth who would dispute this fact. Victims of their anatomies, they dribble and splash and produce sounds so mystifying that women on the opposite side of the door often … Continue reading

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Nobody beats the Whiz.

Hippyk is feeling slightly ill at the moment. It’s little wonder, really, since I’ve consumed nothing but slop for the past week. I’ve fallen off the healthy eating wagon with a solid thud, and I’m paying the price. I have … Continue reading

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Home. Alone.

I’m usually pleased as punch to find myself alone. I am my own best company, and there are few people with whom I’d rather be. If that sounds ostentatious, so be it. I like myself and when I am in … Continue reading

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Negative Temps, Positive Karma

Sometimes the Ninemile Valley, my Montana sweet spot, grabs me by the shoulders and gives me a solid shake. “Wake up!” she shouts.  “Look around!” On this first day of 2011, I did just that. An icy-blue sky welcomed the … Continue reading

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Send condolences. I’m hired.

I loved being unemployed, and I don’t feel guilty saying that, either.  Those wonderful ten months, that endless array of empty days and luxurious naps, those quiet and uninterrupted afternoons, they were an interlude of bliss. The sudden departure from … Continue reading

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Goodbyes and Hillsides

I’d been in a comatose nap, stretched on the downstairs sofa with one dog curled at my feet and the other flopped atop me like a giant, hairy quilt.  It was a dark and cold evening in late October, and … Continue reading

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