Who’s hippyk?

I’m hippyk, a slightly overweight 48-year-old female who never fully escaped puberty.  I never matured, and according to my mother this is because I never had kids.

I used to teach middle school, and that’s the only birth control I ever needed.

I’ve been married more than 20 years and I have a pile of ill-mannered, non-AKC Labradors.  My dogs and my husband have questionable ancestry, and together all of us are muddling our way through life in a quiet valley in western Montana.

We live on several acres lined by creeks on two sides  and hemmed in by old mountains.  Inside our small home you’ll likely spot a doghair tumbleweed skittering across the kitchen.  And never mind the three Labrador lumps sprawled on the carpet like after-party drunks.   There’s elk in the freezer, beer in the fridge and a fire in the wood stove.



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