A new day and a fresh start.

I know it all sounds so very cliche, but today really is a new start for me.  

Weighing myself is always traumatic, so I rarely do it.  Imagine my horror then when I stepped onto the scale over the weekend – on my 47th birthday – and discovered that I am at an all-time corpulent high. 

Not good.  Not good at all.

I’d been noticing a slightly swollen, slightly round appearance whenever I looked in the mirror, and my work clothes were feeling a bit tight.  I never thought my weight had ballooned to the extent that it did, though.  Silly me.

Here’s the kicker:  my diet is actually pretty healthy.  I eat good, solid food and steer clear of snack foods, pop and fast food.  I eat a ton of fruits, veggies and lean meats. 

But I am lazy.  Make no bones about it, I love  a 3-hour nap on the sofa while the wood stove bakes me to sleep.   The whole experience is entirely delicious and slightly decadent.

I know I should be pumping iron, training for a marathon and riding my mountain bike on the old logging roads that snake through the mountains.  I should be hiking the hilly terrain with my dogs, doing robust chores, and generally marching about while breathing deeply.  Instead I nap, I read food magazines and I surf the web.

And slowly I become a meatier version of myself.

But all that stops today. 

Today I am in training.  Today I avoid the few sweets and snacks that slither into my diet.  Today I begin my quest to drop a solid 15 lbs by Labor Day weekend. 

I have great plans to ride my bike with the same leg-pumping fury exhibited by the Wicked Witch of the West.  I vow to begin (again) the 90-day extreme fitness regimen I purchased last year…and then pursued only briefly. 

I am a new woman…TODAY.

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